Wildlife Viewing in the Berkshires, MA

Wildlife Viewing in the Berkshires

Wildlife viewing in the Berkshires is a captivating experience for nature lovers. Dense forests and serene meadows provide a haven for birding and other viewing, housing diverse creatures and providing a rewarding and serene experience, whether on a hiking adventure or at a dedicated wildlife sanctuary.

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What to know before you go

Did you know? A person trained in Leave No Trace principles is 5x more likely to protect nature. Take the 45-minute online course.

Just getting started? Get some great tips for beginning birdwatchers (and other wildlife observers) from the MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife here

Keep safety in mind. Preparation is crucial any time you're heading into the woods, even for comparatively "passive" recreation. Cell service is inconsistent in the Berkshires' hilly terrain, and weather can change quickly. Use this National Park Service article as a checklist, and download maps before you go. 

Please visit our SAFETY TIPS page before heading out to enjoy the Berkshires!

Clubs, Retail & Rentals

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