Matt and Kyra Hart Overmeade Farm
940 East Street, Lenox, MA

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Overmeade Farm in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Overmeade Farm

Overmeade Farm is an expansive equestrian facility located in the beautiful Berkshires. Owned and operated by the Hart family, this farm has some of the best fields and bridle paths in Western Massachusetts. The facilities for horse boarding and horsemanship training are unparalleled, with a 40-stall barn, indoor ring, and two sand rings. More so, over a hundred acres of fields and forests allow visitors to ride horseback trails through the lush grass fields and quiet woods of the farm's vast landscape. Along these trails, visitors will enjoy the well-kept nature trails and immerse themselves in the natural habitat of the area's diverse wildlife. The vast array of facilities at the farm makes it a perfect location for horseback riding in the Berkshires.

Lessons and summer programs taught at the farm give students a comprehensive horsemanship experience; from beginner to advanced, riders of any age or skill level will find a fulfilling experience of horseback adventures. For years, Overmeade Farm has helped horsemanship students excel at all activities of the sport and provide a comfortable and engaging boarding experience for horses. The beautiful scenery makes it an excellent destination for all visitors interested in outdoor recreation.

Matt and Kyra Hart

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940 East Street, Lenox, MA

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