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Things to do in Sandisfield

Sandisfield encompasses the largest land area of any community in Berkshire County, situated on the Connecticut border.  The sprawling community does not have a town center but is home to a variety of villages and hamlets. The Sandisfield and Otis State Forests are among the less visited sites in the county.  Access points to York Lake, Spectacle Ponds, and the Farmington River allow anglers, paddlers, and others to enjoy the town’s pristine waters.

The Clam River Reserve, managed by Berkshire Natural Resources Council, protects 1.5 miles of the Clam River, named after the Eastern Pearlshell (a freshwater mussel and not a clam).  Several loop trails on the site allow visitors to choose a hike along the river or deeper within the forest.

Hanging Mountain is managed by the Western Massachusetts Climbers Coalition (WMCC).  Cliffs of between 60 and 240 feet are accessible from a parking lot on Route 8.  The granite, schist, and granitic gneiss faces are monitored by the group, and updates are posted on the group’s website.

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Clubs, Retail & Rentals

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