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Things to do in Richmond

The town of Richmond originally included the town of Lenox, but the six-mile Yokun Ridge separating the two parts of the community was too great an impediment, so the town of Lenox was incorporated in 1767.  Now Richmond is home to a major portion of The High Road, Berkshire Natural Resources Council’s 8-mile trail connecting Pittsfield to Lenox.  BNRC also manages the Hollow Fields, a 660-acre site with hikes to Perry’s Peak.

Richmond Pond, a 223-acre pond with an average depth of 13 feet, has a boat ramp on the southwest side of the lake.  The lake is shallow on the southern and western sides but is more than 50 feet deep on the southeastern side.  The lake hosts several camps, has a beach for town residents, and a small community of year-round and seasonal homes.

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Clubs, Retail & Rentals

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