Town of Lenox Lilac Park
Sunset Avenue, Lenox, MA

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Lilac Park in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
Lilac Park in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
Lilac Park in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
Lilac Park in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
Lilac Park in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Lilac Park

Lilac Park is a beautiful destination in the center of Lenox for visitors to enjoy the outdoors. With its sprawling grass field surrounded by trees, flowering lilac bushes, gardens, and benches around the perimeter, Lilac Park is a stunning and comfortable area for visitors to enjoy a picnic, play sports, or sit and enjoy the crisp, fresh air of the Berkshires. At the base of the hill in Lilac Park is a covered pavilion with multiple picnic tables and benches—a perfect location for family events and gatherings. In the summer, this pavilion hosts small concerts for the town's rich and diverse community, adding to the variety of activities that Lilac Park offers throughout the year. Right behind the pavilion is a community garden, where residents of Lenox town work together to grow vegetables and flowers for the town's benefit.

Parking for Lilac Park is limited to street parking along Sunset Avenue and Main Street for close access, but any other street parking in town is just a short walk to the park. Its expansive green space, seating locations, and lush surrounding vegetation make Lilac Park a prime destination for some family-friendly outdoor activities. Additionally, Lilac Park is only a short drive away from many other popular locations in Western Massachusetts, such as Tanglewood, a music hotspot in Lenox, The Mount, Edith Wharton's ancestral home, and October Mountain State Forest, which has many excellent hiking trails through the lush forests of the Berkshires.


Sunset Avenue, Lenox, MA

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