Beartown State Forest Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Turkey Trailhead
69 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington, MA

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Turkey Trailhead in Great Barrington, MA | Berkshires Outside
Turkey Trailhead in Great Barrington, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Turkey Trailhead

The Turkey Trail is a fantastic location for outdoor recreation within the Beartown State Forest due to the excellent trail conditions and stunning landscapes that it passes through. The Turkey Trail is broad and easy to follow, designed for off-road vehicles and hiking and mountain biking. The trail is rough, filled with rocks, roots, and steep inclines. This makes it a moderately challenging ORV ride. It is an excellent trail for any activity, as it passes through a beautiful forest of evergreen trees, oaks, maples, and other trees native to the Berkshires. The understory of the forest is filled with vibrantly colored ferns and mountain laurels, and if looking carefully, hikers will see countless species of mushrooms poking out of the leaves and on fallen logs. The mushrooms add beautiful splashes of color to the forest, from orange to red and even yellow and purple.

Keen-eyed and quiet visitors might even spot some of the diverse wildlife that call this area of Western Massachusetts home. White-tailed deer and rabbits dart through the ferns, red-tailed hawks and owls soar through the treetops, and bears lumber through the forest, all providing an enriching experience for visitors lucky enough to see them. The Turkey Trail is an excellent source of outdoor recreation in the Berkshires for all visitors to Beartown State Forest.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

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69 Blue Hill Road, Great Barrington, MA

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