Beartown State Forest Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Ridge Trailhead
69 Blue Hill Road, Lee, MA

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Ridge Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Ridge Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Ridge Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Ridge Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Ridge Trailhead

The Ridge Trail is nestled within the forests surrounding the Hop Brook Wildlife Management Area in Lee, MA. This trail is an access point to the Beartown State Forest from the northern side, where the tracks are a bit more hidden and off the beaten path. The Ridge Trail begins from the trailhead up an old grassy road that can be muddy after rain or during the spring. From this road are multiple trails going up the ridge on the left side of the trail. One of them has a sign denoting it as the Ridge Trail. The trail then goes up a steep path through the dense forests of Beartown State Forest and a thick underbrush of ferns and small trees. It is a moderately challenging hike due to the steepness of the trail and the fact that it is not commonly maintained, so it is a narrow path through the rural evergreen forest. In addition, there are the Kociak, Grizzley, Panda, and Sedgwick trails for the adventurous visitors. Combining the Ridge Trail and the Burgoyne Trails, visitors can hike a lovely, yet adventurous hike or ski. Given the area's rurality, it is a fantastic habitat for countless species of birds and mammals. White-tailed deer, turkeys, bears, and coyotes often roam the forests.

Upon arrival at the Ridge Trailhead, visitors should ensure that they look at the signs at the trailhead and plan their route, as the trail itself is sparsely marked. The Ridge Trailhead is a beautiful, challenging hike on the northern end of the Beartown State Forest, as it passes through the diverse ecosystems and environments of the forest. The Western Mass Backcountry Alliance  works to maintain the former ski slopes and has backcountry maps available for skiing.

Parking is limited at the trailhead and visitors need to respect posted private property.

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

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69 Blue Hill Road, Lee, MA

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