Yokun Ridge South Berkshire Natural Resources Council Jackson Pond
Old Colonial Road, Stockbridge, MA

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Jackson Pond in Stockbridge, MA | Berkshires Outside
Jackson Pond in Stockbridge, MA | Berkshires Outside
Jackson Pond in Stockbridge, MA | Berkshires Outside
Jackson Pond in Stockbridge, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Jackson Pond

The Jackson Pond Boardwalk, a walking trail managed by BNRC, offers excellent views of a fascinating Western Massachusetts ecosystem. Upon arrival at the path, visitors will start by briefly walking through a pine forest. The trail is wide and mostly flat here, except for the bumps of mossy roots. Then, the forest opens onto a boardwalk over the wetlands adjacent to Jackson Pond. The thin walkway takes visitors past wetland plants and other wildlife species. During the summertime, visitors will see purple Iris flowers and hear the deep sound of frogs croaking.

The middle of the boardwalk eventually provides visitors with a view of Jackson Pond and the Berkshires beyond. When the weather cools, these hills become painted with the radiant colors of fall leaves. The trail ends shortly after this viewpoint, making this boardwalk an accessible short walk with exciting nature and scenic views.

There is no parking lot for the trail. Visitors should park on the shoulder of Old Colonial Road, 100 feet past the trailhead next to the yellow pipeline markers. BNRC also recommends parking at the Stockbridge Bowl Boat Ramp.

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Old Colonial Road, Stockbridge, MA

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