Town of Great Barrington Old Maids Park
Wyantenuck Street, Great Barrington, MA

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Old Maids Park in Great Barrington, MA | Berkshires Outside
Old Maids Park in Great Barrington, MA | Berkshires Outside
Old Maids Park in Great Barrington, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Old Maids Park

Old Maid's Park is a beautiful location hidden within Great Barrington, MA, in Western Massachusetts. Driving to the end of Wyantenuck Street leads to a parking lot sheltered by beautiful trees and bushes right on the back of a small, grassy area. This shady spot has a few picnic tables and leads to a sloped grassy hill that cascades down into the calm Williams River. The park is a perfect place for a picnic, small gathering, or any family-friendly outing in the fresh air of the Berkshires. Direct access to the river allows for it to be an ideal swimming location—visitors can either walk straight into the water from the grassy hill or venture out towards the natural dam at the end of the park. The barrier is made of rocks and branches, creating a pool of calm, slow-moving water perfect for swimming. Surrounding the park is the Williams River's beautiful landscape, which can include a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife. The tall trees on the riverbanks are covered with vines, and the lush underbrush fills in all the gaps, making it a wall of diverse plant species that will engage any botanist. Many animal species can also be seen in this area, such as great blue herons, geese, white-tailed deer, and even bald eagles. The Old Maids Park is an excellent location for family-friendly outdoor activities in the Berkshires.


Wyantenuck Street, Great Barrington, MA

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