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About East Windsor Road Parking Area East

The eastern parking area on East Windsor Road provides access to the middle section of the Peru Wildlife Management Area, a 5,000-acre forest excellent for hunting/fishing, wildlife viewing, and primatively exploring the woods of the Berkshires. The forest consists of northern hardwoods, with maple, birch, white ash, black cherry, and American beech trees being most prevalent. Although the area is mostly dry, wetlands are scattered throughout the property in lower regions. The forest has a rolling topography, with a consistent elevation variance of about 200 feet over moderately steep slopes. The WMA has no maintained trails, so visitors should be prepared to navigate the terrain independently. However, it is possible to stumble across old forest roads that have been reclaimed by nature.

This parking area is most frequently used for fishing, as there is direct access to Trout Brook just a couple hundred yards along an old forest road. Trout Brook contains both native and stocked trout, providing anglers with a serene fishing area in a quiet, unspoiled forest. Additionally, the expansive forest allows for excellent hunting, as white-tail deer, ruffed grouse, snowshoe hare, black bear, and eastern coyote are abundant. Those seeking a more passive activity can opt for wildlife viewing or birding. Winter is an excellent time to track footprints through the snow while snowshoeing through the rugged terrain. Since the property is extremely remote, it is one of the better areas in Western Massachusetts to spot elusive creatures like moose roaming the forest. Attentive visitors can find evidence of old apple orchards scattered throughout the property. It should be noted that the WMA takes the form of irregular-shaped parcels, meaning visitors and especially hunters should be cautious about remaining on public land.

This parking area is located off a 90-degree turn on East Windsor Road. A pull-off into the woods provides space for a couple of vehicles.

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East Windsor Road, Peru, MA

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