Ferncliff Reservation Lee Land Trust Cliffwood Street Trailhead
Cliffwood Street, High Street, Lee, MA

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Cliffwood Street Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Cliffwood Street Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Cliffwood Street Trailhead in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Cliffwood Street Trailhead

The Ferncliff property in Lee, MA, is a beautiful gem hidden within the Berkshires. Located right next to the center of Lee, this secluded spot offers visitors a short, flat, and easy walking trail through the forest, where they will enjoy being under the tall, towering native trees and within a dense underbrush of vibrant green ferns. Below the ferns, a wide variety of mushrooms grow, adding splashes of red and orange to the lush green landscape. The trail is wide and well-maintained, clear of most rocks and roots that would make the terrain difficult. It has only slight inclines in some areas, making it an ideal path for people of all ages and abilities. If looking carefully, visitors might be able to spot some of the animal species that call Western Massachusetts home within the Ferncliff property, such as white-tailed deer, turkeys, and even foxes.

This property has multiple access points in Lee but limited parking access. However, Ferncliff is only a short walk from downtown Lee and High Street, so visitors can easily walk to the property from town. Because of its easy access, excellent trail conditions, and inspiring natural scenery, Ferncliff is an excellent location for a family-friendly nature walk within the beautiful landscape of Berkshire County.

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Cliffwood Street, High Street, Lee, MA

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