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Bow Wow Road, Egremont, MA

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Bow Wow Woods in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
Bow Wow Woods in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
Bow Wow Woods in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Bow Wow Woods

Bow Wow Woods is a 54-acre forested area off Route 41 in Egremont with easy, marked hiking trails. The main trail is the Ursula Cliff Trail, a half-mile loop that travels partly along an old logging road, running through a diverse ecosystem of fauna and flora common to Western Massachusetts. The forest is a mix of deciduous and coniferous trees with a vibrant understory of shrubs and groundcover plants. Wildlife viewing and birding are excellent activities in this environment. Veering off the Ursula Cliff Trail is the Blue Trail, a short extension that runs near the property's wetlands, offering additional wildlife viewing opportunities in a more lush forest. Those wishing to get up close to the marsh can take the Red Trail, a short offshoot of the Blue Trail that walks along a small boardwalk through swampy conditions.

Elevation change throughout Bow Wow Woods is minimal, making it suitable for those looking for a leisurely walk through the woods of the Berkshires, whether to reconnect with nature, observe local wildlife, or enjoy a day outdoors with family. In the winter, the property is an ideal spot for a brisk snowshoeing excursion, and wildlife enthusiasts can track footprints through the snow as bushwhacking over the mellow terrain is easy. The property is managed by Greenagers, whose home base at April Hill is just down the road. Occasionally, Greenagers and other nearby conservation organizations host educational initiatives and workshops at Bow Wow Woods, which are ideal for visitors looking to learn more about the site.

Access to the property is from Bow Wow Road, where a small trailhead and parking area can be found about a quarter mile from the road's intersection with Route 41.

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Bow Wow Road, Egremont, MA

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