Savoy Mountain State Forest Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Kamick Trailhead
Adams Road, Savoy, MA

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Kamick Trailhead in Savoy, MA | Berkshires Outside
Kamick Trailhead in Savoy, MA | Berkshires Outside
Kamick Trailhead in Savoy, MA | Berkshires Outside
Kamick Trailhead in Savoy, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Kamick Trailhead

The Kamick Trailhead will bring visitors to an uphill gravel road and snowmobile trail in Savoy Mountain State Forest. The trail will climb upwards and eventually meet the Kamick Trail, which branches to the right and travels through a dense Western Massachusetts forest. Local wildlife species, including birds and butterflies, are easily seen in this area in the summertime. Then, in the wintertime, animal tracks are visible on the snow.

Visitors can also continue on the gravel road and reach the firetower and the top of Borden Mountain. Although visitors cannot climb the firetower, a small scenic view of the mountains is visible over the tops of the surrounding trees.

Savoy Mountain State Forest is a large outdoor recreation area with plenty of opportunities for an enjoyable day in the Berkshires. The forest features campsites, swimming areas, and over 50 miles of hiking trails. In the summertime, the forest has various programming for overnight visitors at the local campground. The area is also open for hunting during the appropriate seasons.

Visitors should park on the shoulder of Adams Road near the gravel path entrance. This trailhead is not accessible by car during winter, so visitors must enter by foot or snowmobile. 

Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

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Adams Road, Savoy, MA

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