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Flintstone Road, Windsor, MA

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Flintstone Road Parking Area in Windsor, MA | Berkshires Outside
Flintstone Road Parking Area in Windsor, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Flintstone Road Parking Area

The Flintstone Road Parking Area is located in Windsor and serves as an access point to the southeastern portion of the Chalet Wildlife Management Area. This portion of the WMA contains the highest point in the nearly 8,000 acres of property declared as Chalet WMA. Visitors can hike northwest from the parking lot to reach and summit Weston Mountain, encountering various tree species and an unmaintained landscape that may require bushwhacking at some points. The natural forested landscape provides ideal opportunities for wildlife viewing, with the potential to see moose, bobcats, beavers, and black bears, among other animals inhabiting Western Massachusetts. Though further west, the Appalachian Trail and The Cobbles run through the WMA, offering visitors locations for trail hikes.  

Chalet WMA is owned by MassWildlife and is open to the public for fishing, trapping, and hunting. Typical game for hunters includes (but is not limited to) white-tailed deer, eastern coyote, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, and snowshoe hare. It should be noted that hunting is prohibited on the Appalachian Trail, and prospective hunters should refer to the State of Massachusetts hunting regulations website for more hunting rules and regulations. 

Chalet Wildlife Management Area’s expansive property touches and is accessible in the towns of Windsor, Cheshire, Dalton, and Lanesborough. The land is an excellent place for a more primitive Berkshires outdoor experience. 

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Flintstone Road, Windsor, MA

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