Berkshire Natural Resources Council Mount Darby
East Street, Mount Washington, MA

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Mount Darby in Mount Washington, MA | Berkshires Outside
Mount Darby in Mount Washington, MA | Berkshires Outside
Mount Darby in Mount Washington, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Mount Darby

Mount Darby is a small, undeveloped property managed by the Berkshire Natural Resources Council. One trail—an access road—travels to radio towers near the top of Mount Darby. With its steady incline, this two-track hiking trail is ideal for a morning run or wintertime cross-country skiing in the Berkshires. Visitors will stroll alongside a dense pine forest with mountain laurel underbrush. These mountain laurels bloom in late June and early July, populating the trailside with vibrant whites and pinks.

Apart from the access road, the property is brushy and challenging to navigate. There are, nevertheless, multiple different ecosystems on the property, making it excellent for wildlife viewing. On the property's northwest side, visitors will find a large beaver dam. Then, with its quiet solitude, the property is also perfect for finding white-tailed deer during hunting season in Western Massachusetts.

There are no designated parking spots for the property, but visitors can park on the side of East Road where safe. Visitors will find the entry point off westbound East Road before it diverges with West Road. There is a BNRC sign denoting the entrance.

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East Street, Mount Washington, MA

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