Town of Lenox Lenox Town Beach
US-20, Lenox, MA

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Lenox Town Beach in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
Lenox Town Beach in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Lenox Town Beach

 Lenox Town Beach is a beautiful place for family-friendly outdoor activities in Western Massachusetts. Set right on Laurel Lake, the beach allows visitors to go right up to the water on the soft, sandy beach, where they can relax, read a book, build sandcastles, or take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery. A large gravel parking lot with handicapped access sits beside a pavilion overlooking the water. This covered pavilion contains multiple picnic tables with benches so visitors can enjoy a picnic with a view of the crystal-clear lake below. From the pavilion, a set of wide wooden stairs lead down to the clean, sandy beach. With picnic tables and chairs right on the sand, Lenox Town Beach is a beautiful destination for visitors interested in swimming in the cool, fresh water of the Berkshires.

This area is owned by the town of Lenox and is maintained for town residents, but visitors can obtain passes to use this pristine beach on Laurel Lake. Beautiful forests and meadows surround the lake, and it is a common place to find wildlife, such as great blue herons, geese, and other water birds. Just a short drive down the road is the Laurel Lake Boat Launch, where visitors can park their vehicles of any size, put their boats into the water, and enjoy a paddle on the calm lake.

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US-20, Lenox, MA

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