French Park Town of Egremont French Park Dog Park
65 Prospect Lake Rd, Egremont, MA

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French Park Dog Park in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
French Park Dog Park in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
French Park Dog Park in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
French Park Dog Park in Egremont, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About French Park Dog Park

French Park Dog Park is a small dog play area managed by the Town of Egremont. The park features two fully-fenced lawns for dogs to play and make friends. There are benches on these lawns where owners can sit and relax in the shade on hot days in the Berkshires. The park also provides baggies and trash cans for easy waste disposal. Dog owners must register their dogs before using the park.

Past the dog park, visitors will find a large baseball field. This athletic complex is ideal for little league games on summer afternoons. A small grassy path also travels along the edges of the baseball field. On this path, visitors can walk along the park’s long pollinator garden. Many Western Massachusetts wildlife species are present in this garden when the weather is warm; butterflies and bumblebees abound here in spring and summer.

Behind the open area of the park, visitors will find numerous family-friendly hiking trails. Then, further down a wide pathway toward the north, there are multiple sporting fields and picnic areas at the main complex of French Park.

Visitors will find a parking lot on the side of Baldwin Hill Road. There are more parking lots at the main playground area of French Park: one further up Baldwin Hill Road and another on Prospect Lake Road.

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65 Prospect Lake Rd, Egremont, MA

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