Berkshire Natural Resources Council Landers Road
Landers Road, Chestnut Street, Lee, MA

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Landers Road in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
Landers Road in Lee, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Landers Road

Landers Road is an excellent destination for people seeking an outdoor adventure in the Berkshires. Located in Lee, MA, this old, paved road winds up a steep mountain path through the dense woods. Right along this road is Zeif, a large expanse of untouched land that is an ideal place for hunting and birding due to its lack of access. Keen-eyed and quiet, visitors to this area can try to spot some of the wildlife that calls the lush grassy meadows and dark, towering forests home. White-tailed deer, black bears, red and grey foxes, and even coyotes can be found here, along with the countless species of birds, pollinators, and small mammals that live within the meadows and fields. Landers Road does not have any access trails to the Zeif property; this rural and undeveloped area is a perfect destination for visitors to immerse themselves in the natural environments without the distractions and bustle of the developed world.

Visitors to Landers Road should expect to park at the bottom of the road; since the road is very narrow and steep, parking is difficult and limited. Given that this area is not maintained, it is a prime example of the wilderness of Western Massachusetts, and visitors interested in an engaging wilderness experience should take advantage of this destination.

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Landers Road, Chestnut Street, Lee, MA

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