Town of Monterey Lake Garfield Boat Launch
Tyringham Road, Monterey, MA

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Lake Garfield Boat Launch in Monterey, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Lake Garfield Boat Launch

The Lake Garfield Boat Launch is a gravel boating access path on Tyringham Road, just south of Monterey Town Beach. Known by many to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Massachusetts, Lake Garfield is Monterey's recreational centerpiece. The 257-acre lake provides visitors with paddling, fishing, and swimming opportunities. The launching site feeds into the lake's western side, which appears small due to an inlet that blocks views of the rest of the lake. As boaters meander past this bend into the central section of the lake, they are greeted with wide-open space and lovely views of the surrounding hills and communities of the Berkshires. Further east, the lake is narrower but equally charming.

Just west of Lake Garfield is Brewer Lake, a tiny pond surrounded by dense forest. Kayakers can access this lake through a culvert under Tyringham Road and explore its vibrant ecosystem, as this forested lake is fantastic for birding and wildlife viewing. Others can observe Brewer Lake and its wildlife from the road, as a tree clearing reveals the entire lake.

Lake Garfield is a great fishing area, as common catches include bass, pickerel, pumpkinseed, bluegill, perch, bullhead, and stocked trout. When the lake freezes in the winter, ice fishing is common. Swimming and other recreational activities are available at the public beach near the boat launch. Notably, the only public space on the shoreline is the area by the boat launch, as all other sections along the shore are privately owned. The lake itself, however, is public. The boat ramp is closed to trailer boats during the summer due to nearby swimming at the town beach. Visitors are encouraged to follow informational and regulatory signage at the parking lot. Please note that parking is reserved for Monterey residents only. 


Tyringham Road, Monterey, MA

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