Berkshire Natural Resources Council Hallowell Meadow
East Street, Lenox, MA

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Hallowell Meadow in Lenox, MA | Berkshires Outside
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About Hallowell Meadow

The Hallowell Meadow is one of the oldest BNRC properties, although it's the least known. In 1973, the Hallowell family donated their farm to the BNRC under the stipulation that the land and its natural beauty remain undeveloped. This location in Lenox, MA, contains three distinct ecosystems for exploring. On the western side is a meadow--a hayfield with great views of October Mountain and grassland birds like bluebirds and tree swallows commonly swooping across the path. The middle quadrant is shrubland, and the eastern side is a mature forest that shows signs of being an old agricultural field due to the remnants of fences and plants not native to Western Massachusetts.

Footpaths will take visitors through the three distinct ecosystems in Hallowell Meadow to see the unique species that live in each location. They might see white-tailed deer, rabbits, foxes, and nesting birds. These trails are not frequently maintained, so visitors should prepare for narrow paths and some overhanging brush. Additionally, no parking is available for the meadows. From the multitude of stunning landscapes to the diverse wildlife that calls this place home, Hallowell Meadow provides a beautiful outdoor adventure in the Berkshires.

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East Street, Lenox, MA

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